Blender Guru Competition: Saying Goodbye

This competition’s theme is: Saying Goodbye. Interpret that however you wish :wink:

First prize is:

  • $200 Cash
  • Expose 9
  • $300 for a Charity of your choice

Full details:

Enter the competition by posting your image in this thread.
If you need image hosting, I recommend

The deadline is March 19th, 11:59PM GMT.

May the best artist win :slight_smile:

hello !! :slight_smile:

I would participate but I could never come close to some of the stuff other people put on here.

But good luck to everyone else anyways! :slight_smile:

I’m gonna participate.

I did this one while ago so I’m not in the competition (bit offtopic?).

It’s more like saying hello than goodbye :slight_smile:

I have a feeling this ones gonna be tough…

Here’s my entry! :smiley:

Edit: This is NOT my real entry, in case someone doesn’t get the joke…

I am still a novice in blender, so even takes part in the contest :slight_smile:

I participated in the last competition even though I knew there were people much more talented than me participating. Don’t look at this as not entering if you don’t have a chance, look at this as a way to improve your skills as a blender artist.

Hello there. I need some clarification about one thing. Ok, so today I started working on a human model witch is intended to be part of a project Im working on.But at the same time I saw the competition and I thought that it would be realy cool to participate just to get some overall expirience. My question is what are the rules regarding the competition?Is it ok for me to post the model in my project thread but at the same time to be able to use it for the competition or should I restrain myself from posting it anywhere until Im ready to submit my work? I basicly want to kill 2 rabbits with one bullet. I want to use the model in the competition and later on to implement it in my project.

Thank you in advance.

Yeah! I’m definetly participating in this one!!
I can’t wait to get started…


PS: @ James Ordner,
I love the Autodesk joke:D

EDIT: @Kalinaki
I think you can do whatever you like with the model, since you created it… But the rules say that your entry can’t be an existing project… here’s the link in case you missed it:)…saying-goodbye

“Romeo, Romeo, where’d your leg go, Romeo?”

Very nice! :slight_smile:

Edit: (D’oh! This was in reply to Gionavvi’s post at #5…)

Edit II: Oh yeah, and, I’m in! (Time permitting of course!)

Hey I am new to Blender guru competition and was wondering, do I just post the link to the file host of my photo here?

Yes, if the image can be viewed, its in (beside the other rules).

Well, I’ll try to enter something. I have used Blender for 3 years now, and am still a beginner.
To those that said they won’t enter: Why not?! who care if you are an amateur. GO FOR IT! get practice!! ask for tips from the pros. you have nothing to lose. (except maybe some time:P)
But enough raving. I’m gonna try.
(so should everyone that sees this post). :slight_smile:
Hope to see lots of good competition!
Jeremiah Hoppman

I know I am not going to win, but I am going to enter just fore the fun of it! :smiley:

I hope you like my submision… I worked on it for two days for the competition.
Its the sad disconnection of to lovers, by way of war.


I like your image. I must admit, i was not expecting that quality for only two days of work, but nice job. It totally blew my mind


Okay, I edited this post so that I could update this picture. :stuck_out_tongue: Is that ok?

Just a general note to everyone :slight_smile: We all still have over a month left to finish these images and last time I checked entries are final. From my point of view there is no reason why anybody should be posting their finished work already unless you have a personal time restriction. If you really want to improve with blender or win this contest you need to use the time that is given to you, there is always somewhere to make improvements. I’m verging on a year with Blender and while I can make quality pictures I can’t help but notice every little detail and mistake in my own work and the only thing stopping me from fixing as many as I can is the time limit. I’m not trying to troll here I’m just trying to get everyone to strive for their full potential as an artist and a Blender user because in the end practice makes perfect and that’s exactly why Mr. Price hosts these competitions, for improvement, for critique, and for notoriety. My apologies if I’ve offended anybody with this statement but I’m just trying to help :slight_smile: rant mode off

@adam.vineyard your picture looks good for only 2 days but i can see its full potential beyond what you have currently. I can tell you’re going for a more realistic picture and the way to get there is through references and better lighting. The sunset is nice but the scene is dark because of it, maybe you could light up the woman with a street lamp nearby or something like that. It would also help if you textured the woman’s clothes and the ship, this would add a lot of realism to the scene as well as toning down some of the normal levels on the posts, the water, and the sidewalk. I hope my opinion was helpful!

@Sonic14 I like where this is going and I like your take on saying goodbye! But what it really needs is some texture work, I don’t know how realistic you want this to be but in my opinion I think it would be cool if the living egg was being held as it’s about to be cracked, rather than having it just sitting on the pan. I hope this was helpful!