Blender Guru creating a huge collage of donut renders to make an NFT for Blender Dev Fund

It was an honest question because I literally don’t know and haven’t heard of NFTs in a while. Because the idea is still fundamentally stupid in my opinion, I also don’t follow anything related to it.

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Why is it stupid? NFT are just like getting art certified , you want original art so you can display it or sell it. not knock off copies. The blockchain is perfect way to track the creation/minting, ownership, selling/buy price,etc. NFT aren’t use for art they can be used for anything that is unique like a home deed, music tickets, music,etc.

Couldn’t someone just make a copy of that art and sell it? Sure but you won’t have proof of ownership via the blockchain, so likely no one wants knock off copies. At least no one is willing to pay millions for knock offs.

This is why we are still early with all this blockchain stuff, reminds me of the 1990 when people said email is stupid and would never catch on.

edit: If power usage is a concern, which I do not care to debate, minting the NFTs on Cardano solve that problem. :wink:

Full disclosure I hold, BTC/ETH/ADA(71%) in my portfolio. Get some crypto currency its only going up in value.


Since your customer does not actually own what he paid a million bucks for, it is possible that if you live in the US, the IRS may eventually decide to nail you with a big tax bill (capital gains) combined with a charge of money laundering.

It might be you see great success and get the 64-core Threadripper workstation of your dreams (in a dedicated office next to the wine cellar in your new home), but then the hammer comes down and you end up holding the bag as you figure out how to keep what you have gained.

The people going big on NFT’s are taking a major risk in what might currently be a grey area as far as legality is concerned. It is like when those so-called game museum sites gambled on the grey area of reverse engineering and hosting ‘abandonware’ for archival purposes, and lost.

NFTs don’t proof ownership. That’s one of the main points.
For me NFTs are just another way to create something with an artificial value which doesn’t really exists. To me, it feels like a toy of the financial market.
And worst of all, the environmental damage most of them produce is simply not justifiable.

There are many things I value more than money.


NFT do prove ownership, if I mint my art and sell it on the blockchain - that’s the angle I am referring to :wink: The main point is proving something in a decentralized manner that governments can not alter via a public ledger. So you don’t understand NFTs or blockchain? You think people are selling fake Cryptopunks? :stuck_out_tongue:

Money is a method of energy(electrical current) exchange, you’ll need it to do things in life - lets be real. More money means you can spend more time doing the things you love and less time worrying about survival. Money is the not same thing as wealth though. Sound money is not the same fiat money.

Everything starts as a toy, the first airplane, the internet, the wheel, it just gets better over time as the technology is embraced and improved upon.

If he bought my art and I sold it as a NFT for a million dollar, he owns it according the to blockchain. :wink: The IRS can not do anything and how can they prove its money laundering? Silly points of FUD at best.

So what if it’s a major risk? Adults know the risk involve they don’t need the government to protect them from themselves :wink:

Buying crypto currency is ill advised by the IMF too, but they are a bunch of clowns in power. but yea listen to the people in charge they have your best interested in mind lolz…

I can create an NFT for someone else’s work. Is that the proof that I own it?


if i understand this correctly current nfts use the ethereum blockchain.

what if other crypto currency blockchains add such a nft feature too? then there can be multiple owners of the same thing? on different blockchains?

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There are allready multiple crypto currencies enabling NFT.

My understanding is that you can even sell multiple copys of an NFT on a single blockchain. You can, for example “mint” 10 copys of an image and sell each on individually. I imagine you could also sell the same thing on multiple blockchains.


The uniqueness is just true for the token or the lets say the combination, not for the object connected to it. So a thing could exist more than one time. but in combination with the token just once. The perception is meant to be that these two would NOT be the SAME thing, so yeah its rather something like a limited edition. Whatever limited means.

So its a bit like if you could make an exact copy with a higher number of a limited edition dvd, is it still an original? Lets say you managed to get a perfect copy from the same production line the film distributor used… In the end it gains value just in the heads of the people.

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Even if you don’t own artwork, there is still money to be made thanks to this amazing technology! Welcome to the future!


Have fun getting sued and blacked listed by the crypto community :smiley: You are missing the point. If you have original artwork that you created and want to sell it, NFT are perfect. Mint it and enjoy. In this case it does track ownership :wink:

edit: You can even program your NFT with royalty, every time it gets resold you get a % of the sale.

What ever happened to this? Is he STILL working on it? The last update I saw was in July.

Andrew twitted that it’s coming in January

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this is super nice and supports blender and development 100% !

Have fun getting sued :smiley: You are missing the point. If you have original artwork and want to sell it, NFT are perfect. Mint it and enjoy.

Thanks for the info!