Blender Guyz Competition: Courage

(Ethan24) #1

Howdy all!
Blender Guyz is proud to announce their first ever blender competition - sponsored by CG Cookie!

Thanks to Marcin Sadomski for sample image. Visit

The theme for this competition is “Courage.”
So give us your best portrayal - cartoon, photo realistic or stylized.


  • Winner- Wacom Intuos - Graphics tablet.

  • Runner Up - CG Cookie 1 month subscription.

To Enter:
Simply post your entry below in this thread.

How to win:

Focus on composition, storytelling, aesthetic value, personality, and relevance to the theme.

Contest runs from January 15th through March 20th, 11:59pm 2015 (Pacific Standard Time)

Please visit: for the all the rules and information.

Contact: [email protected] or [email protected] with any questions.

(jordi) #2

hello! Can you tell which specific model of wacom are you offering? I’m working on a image can match this competition :slight_smile:

(Ethan24) #3

Howdy! It is the small Wacom Intuos tablet (CTH-480). Looking forward to seeing your entry!

(NID Graphics) #4

This looks really cool! I’m excited!

(Ethan24) #5

Glad to have you on board! We’re excited too! Hoping to get some fantastic renders!

(Rico) #6

do we just post 'em in this thread? if so, watch this space lol :slight_smile:

EDIT: Here’s mine.

sorry it isn’t quite relevant to the theme, but I guess the “courage” thing is in the dragon taking on the mighty thunder-god lol.

Good luck to everyone else! may the best artist win. :stuck_out_tongue:

(TheDuckCow) #7

I hope to see good things from this competition! And certainly a good way to get your name out there with some good sponsors and prizes :slight_smile:

(Garrison H) #8

Yes, just post them in this thread and at the end competition we will post the winner and the finalists on

Good luck on your entry:eyebrowlift:

(CG-Predator) #9

Interesting challenge!!

(vfxMan) #10

peace on you people ; that seem great

(Rico) #11

@ dewy,
I would enter in your too by all means, but unfortunately I have only so much time on my hands :frowning: maybe next time.

(JLHoppman) #12

Gonna post my entry as soon as it is done rendering… (I am trying a new image quality)

(Rico) #13

@ JLHoppman: Hi man, it’s good to see you’re entering as well! I’m looking forward to seeing some fantastic entries for this.

(JLHoppman) #14

Thanks Guss! =D
Here is my entry. After 33+ hours of rendering. I believe this picture is the heart and soul of courage. Hope you enjoy! (Original render @4K quality)
LMK what you think. =)

(Valentino) #15

Whoa, Until 15 february! Psyched!

(Ethan24) #16

Howdy All!
I extended the deadline to March 20th to give everyone plenty of time to enter!
May the best render win!

(David99) #17

the deadline was extended? Great!! Now I have enough time to finishmy entry!!

(WilliamP) #18

Yeah!! Competition are always good because they help artists to be better and we can learn a lot from them… You really had a good idea :slight_smile:

(ninjajoao) #19

Hello folks!
So this is a retake on a project that I let half-way through about 1 - 2 months ago, I added some details, some shaders and changed completely the composition:

Thanks, this is my entry, good luck to everybody.


(Valentin Schlir) #20

I’ve just seen it but i’m exited to take part :evilgrin: