Blender hair grooming tutorial

Hi, there. This is a Blender hair grooming tutorial, which will be released in mid-November. The original price is $120, but if you purchase it before Nov. 30, you can enjoy a 10% discount, with just 20 slots.

If you are interested in it, please contact us via Email or Twitter: [email protected] | We will send the good news and the discount code to your email when this tutorial is released. Thanks for your following.
Jaguar Grooming takes you to master the whole creation process of a photo-realistic character step by step, including reference analysis, hair PBR property analysis, hair layering, detailed guides grooming, and material adjustment, etc. After learning that, the beginners will get better at grooming most furry animals, also the seasoned grooms can be inspired a lot.

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It is looking fantastic! All the good vibes on this one!

Thank you! Hope our tutorial can help more people

$120 for a tutorial? That is a really steep price… What make’s it worth that much?