Blender Hair Rendering

Hey All…

So fairly stupid question here, but I’ve got hair on my mesh and the material is working in the viewer, but when i go to render out the model he is bald. Wondering what I am missing… The tutorial that I’m looking at kind of assumes a bit of behind the scenes rendering knowledge, and I’m not exactly sure what I’m not seeing that he might have selected.

Any advice?
Thanks in advance!

It would help to show some screen shots of your hair system setup and your hair material, since this kind of thing can arise from a number of different causes. The first to check is to make sure the “Render” icon is enabled on the Particle System modifier on the modifier stack. Looks like a camera. Also make sure the Material index designation in the particle system actually corresponds to a material present in the emitter’s materials slots.

Here is what I have in the particle menu. I tried applying to modifier by converting it, but that didn’t help. Any further suggestions would be great!

Also, just FYI, strand is checked in my render settings in the render properties submenu… really not sure what this could be… tried googling it, but just come up with blender 2.6 reference files that don’t tell me any thing specific with why this wouldn’t be showing up…

Can you post the .blend file?

wouldn’t let me upload natively, sorry for the external link…

It’s your Material settings – turn off Transparency and the strands show up in the render. The way you have the Alpha set up, it make the strands basically invisible. Not sure where you got that method, but it isn’t working well.

I suggest you edit your Color Ramp, and in particular the Alpha settings, so there is more opacity along the length of the strand.

Thanks chimpasque!

That did it, I am going to change the ramp anyways, since it’s not really the hair color that I want, but I’m still tweaking all of that. This transparency was recommended in the tutorial to add a layer of shimmery-ness… obviously that didn’t help much tho…


Well… not quite complete yet… I can get the hair to be visible, but I can’t tell if the color changes that I want to make are actually effecting the mesh as the entire thing is textured black at the moment (I think because I have deleted/substituted the UV Map)…

any solutions? thanks in advance