Blender Hair Tutorial

Hey guys! I’ve been getting a lot of requests to make a tutorial on how I create hair, so I finally did it! Hope you find this helpful:)
Part 1:

Part 2:

Artstation: []( schenko&h=ATMS374fkT6OO9qUJK1yIz6rFVFL_0B244T2CtGLMqQPPCwh HgqLson8e6O8g3v4WO9-OA4fDwSgm8zq81TOf6d6xofVu8UUXQ657rzfn7C5YDMkpXHAtV BEvCP0bpfX-DJ0bby8BHO_afspVshOiAL8nkYCtbY5DJ7tIsB-3FGD8GpXMv6QbhS0_LY6GYxpjYNDchTTyo6WCLY0AWKnR2OnBE-61x5-QoWG4mSZJZiz_T0rDoXXWYO_JHCdYIwgJevbudGu7ddGLrJ0_P pj)

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Thank you very very much! this is so helpful!

Nice! Very orderly workflow.

Thank you. Wonderful tutorial.

part one 19 m
part Two 7 m
that was Amazing really
thank you

Liked and subbed you on Youtube! Great stuff

Awesome tutorial, 0 mumblejumble, straight to the point, easy to understand and quality work.

I wonder if the result can be done in internal…

Following your tutorial, this is my result:

Rendered in GIMP :eyebrowlift:

Lol, not expected:)

well, yeah, but it will look different

Thank you:)

Some refinements to that quick and dirty version:

The missing long ears are harder to add, just consider this one as a mixed avatar, maybe the daughter of the main characters in the film. :yes:

cool, this may even be what I need for realistic feathers

that is the original picture but photoshoped, you can tell by the red blotches on the hair and the painted skin

The watermark is difficult to remove, I give up at here.

awesome tutorial. i use a similar technique, but with single strains on planes that i parent to the sculp. one thing to mention: i do not use the original head of the model, but a copy of the sculp i 3point-vertex-parent to the head to work on and with. if you do so, you can easyly build up a collection of haircuts, you can use for other projects. just let the sculps textures fade out at the borders and shrink the borderedges a little to the heads center.

done in blender internal. the trick is to use a stucci texture to give single hair variation. the first object is the emitterobject without hair to show the stucci, the second is the result and the third one is the same without stucci


Nice one. I have tried all kinds of techniques from hair simulation to scripts and even sculpting to create different kind of hairs, but this one looks good.