Blender hang

Hi , I am new to Blender. Downloaded 2.41 version but it get hanged & some error message appear on DOS window.

:mad: -using python v2.41
-‘import site’ failed use -v for traceback
-no installed python found
-only built in modules are available. some scripts may not run
-continuing happily

Those who encounted b4 , please help

That means that you don’t have Python 2.4 installed on your system. Scripts that are dependant on Python libraries not provided with Blender will not work. See Python & Plugins section of the forum to find a solution. Use search function to your advantage.

Please use appropriate section of the forum next time. :slight_smile:

Welcome to forum!

siong; great ‘news & discussion’ you posted. Great try also trying to raise Blender v2.41 issues while v2.42a is out for ages.