Blender Harmony Phase Not working

I dont know if its only me but this build is not working on my system. I am running ubuntu 12.10 and its a 64bit verison. I tried the 64 and the 32 but it doesn’t work. What can I do to fix this?

Here is the link

“It doesn’t work” means nothing and everything. Does it even start? Does it start and crash? Start and do nothing? Start and misbehave? Do other versions work correctly? What-not?

Launch Blender from a terminal and you’ll see error messages. If it doesn’t help you to solve the problems by yourself, copy/paste these error messages in a post.

Details! Help yourself in helping those to whom you ask questions, Little Grasshopper… :yes:

It doesnt even start. I will attempt to start it from terminal.

I think it’s too soon to call this an official technical issue because the project is still very much in the stage where it’s not guaranteed that everything will work. That and the fact that Kupoman is aware of the issues and is working on getting the stability and such to something presentable.

Do note that your mileage will vary with Graphicall builds if you use those that have experimental features not yet in trunk, simply because they’re not yet to the point where bugfixing and stability become high priority (in other words mainly for testing and not for production use).