Blender has encountered a problem.

Anybody has the same problem where blender crash while applying clear glass material on fluid simulation and render with yafray ? Each time I did the same process (yafray setting :yafray GI=method-full,Quality-low,Photon enable) , blender encountered a problem and need to closed.
I tested it with the recent blender-2.40-RC1-window.Is this a bugs or I did something wrong ?

I have the exact same problem. I have many projects that are now broken and they all have clear glass in common.

What version of yafray. It could be the zero photon bug. Search the forum with the following “yafray and photon and bug” and you might get a solution.


I searched and that doesn’t seem to be the issue I’m having. I can render fine with 2.37a and take the same scene with 2.40 and blender crashes. I’m not using the xml file btw.

Also I’m using the latest version of yafray 0.8 in windows xp.

Sorry, I just keep posting. Anyways with the xml export enabled blender crashes. Here’s my blender console dump.

Using Python version 2.4
Starting scene conversion.

Here’s the Exception Information

Code 0x0000005 Flags: 0x00000000
Record: 0x00000 Address: 0x000000000005c0c63

Unhandled exception at 0x005c0c63 in blender.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x0e374000.

And here’s the disassembly. Dunno if that’s helpful though.

005C0C63 mov ebx,dword ptr [eax] // exception here
005C0C65 mov edx,dword ptr [esi+5Ch]
005C0C68 mov dword ptr [ecx+edx+8],ebx
005C0C6C mov edx,dword ptr [ebp+8]
005C0C6F mov ebx,dword ptr [edi+74h]
005C0C72 inc edx
005C0C73 add eax,0Ch
005C0C76 add ecx,14h
005C0C79 cmp edx,ebx
005C0C7B mov dword ptr [ebp+8],edx
005C0C7E jl 005C0C50
005C0C80 mov ecx,dword ptr [edi+48h]
005C0C83 mov edx,dword ptr [edi+74h]
005C0C86 lea eax,[esi+60h]
005C0C89 push eax
005C0C8A mov eax,dword ptr [edi+7Ch]
005C0C8D push eax
005C0C8E mov eax,dword ptr [esi+5Ch]
005C0C91 push ecx
005C0C92 push edx
005C0C93 push eax
005C0C94 call 005CB540
005C0C99 mov eax,1
005C0C9E mov dword ptr [esi+68h],eax
005C0CA1 mov dword ptr [esi+6Ch],eax
005C0CA4 add esp,14h

Ok I’ve narrowed it down to Raytraced Transparency. This breaks Blender using both yafray and the internal blender render. It seems that it can’t put the material out or something. Beats me but it’s broken for sure.

Ok, even more. If I create the materials in 2.37a. Then save, open the file with 2.40 I can use the clear materials. If I change them at all and re-render it breaks.

I posted a similar post earlier but had not come across this one. I am having the same problem but it crashes on ray mirror also, both yafray and blender internal

Alright, I’ve submitted a bug report but I can’t get the person working on it to encounter the same error. Can anyone help me reproduce the error consistantly. I can reproduce it on my computer but I’m not sure what’s going wrong with the bug report not crashing.