Blender HDRI Render Effect

I have been running render test with Blenders internal renderer with HDRI images. I was wondering if the HDRI effect is present with and without ambient occlusion applied? Do you havbe to use ambient occlusion to get HDRI to work with Blenders internal rendering?

As far as I know blender internal doesn’t support HDRI … THere was a small tut a few pages back wich uses Anglemaps in comination with AO to ‘simulate’ HDRI …

Maybe I’m wrong …


You’re right. If you set it up correctly, Blender’s AO function uses the angmap image as the color for rays that don’t hit other faces (aren’t occluded). Not true HDRI-based lighting, but it sure looks nice.

And no, JA, if you don’t use AO, you won’t get any benefit.

Thanks for your responses.

I figured that Harkyman. Maybe in the future we will have this option for rendering.