Blender Helmet wip


Quite new to Blender(ex maya and max guy), took cgcookie helmet course ( recommend ). My primary goal was to establish efficient, nondestructive modeling pipeline between Blender and Houdini as these applications are extremely complimentary. The result is 1 click sync of modeling data between two applications with some help of python that is so amazing in Blender. It’s basically GoZ on steroids.

Most of what you see here is still Blender or mix between these two. Houdini’s used for procedural artillery and otherwise additive work using blenders meshes as base (e.g extreme detailing, curves -> complex meshes, boolean ops etc).

I also hope that I can achieve similar efficiency pipeline with animation however until Alembic comes my options are limited. Meanwhile i am educating myself on benders animation capabilities :slight_smile:

Regarding modeling, goal was sort of achieved but I’m not sure if i will finish the actual project. I thought the very least I can do is try turn to this community, that has so far been extremely helpful, for your ideas and critique! So boldly shoot, critisize sketch/draw - anything is helpful. Don’t worry of offending me, but try be constructive so I can interpret the feedback.

I am still in modeling stage but made a quick cycles testrender/preview.

houdini viewport

PS. Helmet design is based on Blenders Monkey :slight_smile:

Thank You!

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Love the model. I might try that course sometime soon. There is pretty much nothing that I can critique right now. It all looks fantastic to me!

this is amamzing! I love that ear piece. so much detail… It is a wonder that why nobody is replying to this

Wow, phenomenal design! My only critiques would be adding textures, more interesting reflections, and compositing. I understand you may have not gotten to this stage in the process. It would be a shame in my opinion if this piece wasn’t able to be finished. Yet I totally understand if time does not permit this. Keep up the great work!

Wow, very nice! I really like it. :slight_smile:

hi cgstrive

this is excellent, please post a frontal view.


I think the 3d model look awesome ( I can even dream to do somthing as good myself) the only things that isent good is that the material/shaders/textures arent at the same lvl. Some metal part look more like plastic than metal ( aint it is suposed to be plasic but it will be weird for an exoskeletal helmet) The darker part of the armor plate look like carbon polymer if thats the intend the shaders are ok but the light grey ones need a more sharp glossy/specular and maybe some surface treatment to look at lvl with the rest.

It seams brand new, weather it a bit will add to is charm in my opinion, but that’s more work and it depend on what you intend to use it for.

For critic on the modeling you may want to add some image of the wireframe

Thank you guys, you are very kind and i really appreciate it! You motivated me to continue work on it :slight_smile: I will post an update when possible (as well as post the new view by request of speed77777). It will probably take some time though.

@Androol, I did not texture nor make proper materials yet, i am only in modeling stage right now. I’m simply doing color/material blocking so I could have an overview at an early stage where things are going. That’s what’s wonderful about Blender - your workflow is progressive, not linear as you can quickly preview how it will come together. Regardless, all you said is 100% valid, i will just have to apply it when the time is right. Currently i need to resolve some big design elements, then do small detail pass and then start texturing and rendering.

I attached an image of where i feel i could use most help, advice, ideas, criteria. In particular some areas need to be a lot more detailed and interesting (marked with red) and I’d also like to integrate blue glowing leds all over design, particular jackpot would be In or NEAR eye area without corrupting design.

Feedback is always appreciated! Thank You

It will be easier to share idea if we knew what is the intent of this helmet. I mean is it for military purpose? sport? space suit? under water?

For exemple the lower blue “?” on the breast plate can be the place to mark the name of the soldier if its the high of a trooper exoskeleton armor but it will make more sens to have a number if its a futuristic bike race helmet. The light in front of the eyes can indicate speed and other info that you normaly have in a instrument panel if its a racing car helmet but for a submarine suit emiting light so the submariner can see in front of him in deep water will make sens. well having a clear idea of the purpose of the helmet will help to know what to put where.

Excellent :wink:
Could you post a render from front camera?

It is 5-stars model, Excellent!