[Blender history] The very first time I installed Blender.

The very first time I installed Blender.

A small history about the first time I installed Blender (or gameblender at that time). May be you will feel nostalgia as I did remembering that time 16 years ago. Specially if you are from Spain because I found about blender in a Spanish computer games magazine.

Summer of 2000 (Girona, Catalonia, Spain), I just bought the latest “Micromania” for 650 pesetas (old Spanish currency before euros) at that time, a fortune for me. The cover could not be more spectacular, a vampire biting the neck of a poor girl, articles about “evolva” and the new “runaway” all this and more on 148 pages well edited plus a CD-ROM full of “demos”. All that announced a great afternoon reading and even more hours in front of my fathers computer. I did not know at that time that I would find inside an article that would attract my attention and would determine my future career.
On page 74 an article talking about a software to create video games and 3D animation, and it was free, that was amazing. I could not wait to try the demo, I had to install that as soon as possible. The idea of ​​making my own games was crossing my mind since always and that tool blow my mind.

I just recently found that magazine (spanish) on internet, page 74 : https://ia800201.us.archive.org/29/items/MicromanaTerceraEpocaSpanishIssue1/Micromanía%20Tercera%20Epoca%20(Spanish)%20Issue%2067.pdf

At that time nothing decent came out, I just got to put the typical mesh “Suzane” in the center of the scene and took even more effort to add a light and pull a rendering of that poor little monkey.
16 years later, Blender is my main working tool and the software I use every day in my own company. Since that, event I have followed the progress of this tool that has grown while I did too. I don’t know what would had happened if the destiny hadn’t put that magazine in my hands but I thank the editors of “Micromania”, Ian Gin and especially Ton Roosendaal.


Thanks for your story it was really a pleasure to read…My thoughts flew while I was reading…And put me in a special atmosphere.
Thank You for that.

Life is Wonderful…You make My day…Cheers