Blender home work - Mickey Mouse

I have problem. Till tomorrow I have to send 4 home works to my professor. And I have done only two of them, two of them are in sketch up, for now I am doing the third one again in sketch up but the forth one is in Blender. I Have not mastered Blender for now… :frowning: Can someone please help me with mickey mouse drawing in blender?

Here is a link how the mickey mouse should look in the end.

I will be really thankful if someone would help me. I think for person who is good in blender it will took less then 15 minutes.
Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hmm… Sorry, I am more old-school and think that you should do your own homework. I guess you had quite some time to study Blender. I am 16, worked with Blender for about 2 weeks now (if I am talking about working with it about 8 hours a day) and I can tell you, that’s one easy model. Also, quite not right, IMO. Also, did I mention I have little to now drawing talent? If a kid can do it (me) you should also be able to do it. Anyways, unless you need it tomorrow, you can actually fire up some tutorials and learn from them. It’s kind of sad to see that you only made an account for asking for help with your homework, at least if you were a member for a little longer and been active in the community. My advice, fire up some tutorials and start learning.

@AkiraOkihu to ask for help with this kind of problems.

Hey juuchijs,

i can’t do your homework for you as I don’t have time myself. But some quick tips:

  1. Learn G(rab), S(cale), R(otate) a UV sphere for 1 head, 2 ears and one nose. All is modelled in 5 minutes.
  2. Go into Texture Paint mode and spray the details like a real spray can. 5 minutes.

You won’t get a straight A for it but you tried and learned something in 15 minute minutes. That includes saving your art work.

Good luck.

Best regards


Kintaro (sorry, I don’t know how to link you directly), I sure do hope not to turn this thread into a discussion about what should and what should not be asked for as volunteer work. I do agree you might just be in need of some help regarding a project, and that’s what volunteers do, help with projects, without being paid. I do agree that maybe you are a developer or animator and need a model, or maybe you are working with Blender yourself and having trouble on a project, but I do not see registering on a website because you received a homework (that, to be frank, is quite simple) that you had not done. I would really find it hard to believe that the OP had only one day to complete his homework with no prior knowledge of Blender. OP (I use OP instead of he/she, it’s faster) most probably knew for quite some time about this homework, and I do believe OP was given some time to complete it, a reasonable amount of time.

And still, I would have had no problem with this, as I said, if at least OP was an active member of the community. But he/she only registered to ask for help with the homework. It’s like I have my final project due tomorrow and ask you to do it for me because… Reasons? I don’t want to make assumptions, there could be some good reasons, or the teacher could be unreasonable, but I do believe this is not the case. I just think OP thought he/she could do it all in the last minute and found out he wasn’t able to.

Also, this is surely an easy project (as Benarius pointed out) and half an hour of watching some basic tutorials could have been enough. I see asking on the forums as a long route to something so easy. It was understandable if the project was something massive, hard even for an intermediate user (which I surely am not), but like this… Sorry, but no, I don’t think that’s what Volunteer Work is for. I believe it is for learning and for overcoming problems encountered in Blender with the help of an awesome community. You could, as I said, be an animator in SFM and wanting a specific model you can’t make, since you have no experience with something like this. Or you could be a game developer in needs of assets. Volunteers should help with this kind of problems, helping people make cool stuff, creating the model or the assets needed.

What OP could’ve done instead is to ask for help on how to do it himself/herself. I would’ve had nothing against it if OP requested a mentor, or if he/she requested help with only a small part he didn’t understand.

I don’t know the customs of other countries, but in my country registering on a forum just so you can ask someone else to do your homework would be seen as rude, impolite. I don’t think that’s what volunteer work is all about. It should be about sharing and learning together, not asking someone else to do what you should have done, and ask them to do it for free.

Sorry @AkiraOkihu :stuck_out_tongue: you are right i missed the 4 home works to my professor” part you are totally right (^w^)b DO YOUR HOMEWORK KIDS