Blender Hoogtedata Addon (Dutch Height Data in Blender)

I’ve been experimenting with a way to automatically get high quality 3D information of the Netherlands into Blender.

You can choose from 3 different types of data:
A raw heightmap (with buildings and vegetation), a heightmap of just the terrain, and 3D buildings.
(AHN3 DSM, AHN3 DTM, and 3D BAG)

This plugin depends in BlenderGIS


This is the first public release of the plugin, so please let me know if and when it breaks.

How to use:

A basic walk-through, as well as more detailed instructions, can be found here:

In short:

Use Blender GIS to get a basemap:

Use this addon to get a heightmap:

Get 3D buildings:

Project your original basemap:

All of these things can be done with just a few clicks.

Have fun!


say waaaht? i gotta try , looks super nice

Just a quick scale test:


I’ve changed the way temporary images are stored. The previous way was causing issues for Windows users, this should fix it.

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looks great, is blender 3.x supported?

Yep, it should work

Thank you for this interesting add-on! To my regret I get the following message:
As you see in the background there is basemap, or I am doing something wrong. Please can you have a look at it.

This is a bit impractical, but you have to exit the basemap fetch mode with [escape] rather than [e]. This creates an Empty with an image, rather than a geometry plane. Sorry of the confusion!

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Thank you for this great add-on. It works beautiful now!

Small addition to the add-on:

You can now get general coordinate info under Hoogtedata > Utils > Get Coordinate Info

This way you can easily copy and paste into different applications.