Blender Horse Rigify Add-On improvements

Hello. I have made some changes to Horse Rigify Rig. I added controller to hind legs to show weights. IK of hind legs controls Thigh, Shin and Foot rotation. Shoulder controls Breast. Also I added some facial controls by connecting wolf head metarig with horse body. What do you think, guys?

Also I hope to add muscles

Single muscle looks like this. It is free version of X-Muscle Addon

Hind legs muscles bones are connected to bones of main rig

Till now i can’t find the way to mirror muscles bones and muscles mesh…So maybe it’s better to connect all muscle bones in one rig to make workflow more organized? And, I don’t want empties, I can add Bone Constraint Stretch to directly to main rig. Also if muscles are separate meshes, I should add many Shrink Wrap Modifiers to horse mesh…pain. What do you think? Am I on the right way?


great job, keep on good work