blender hotkey help file

(basse) #1

here is something I have been working on…
it’s blender hotkeys, (based on the stuff that exwhale had once).
but instead of a fixed html page, it’s a php script, that can easily generate all kind of outputs…

currently. there is a simple HTML version for general viewing…
and, ASCII version, that you can save to your hd and load into blender text edit window for a quick reference …

it’s not ready/complete yet… but most of the stuff is included. check it out… and give your comments… ideas, suggestions… whatever…

the link:


(rwv01) #2

I think it’s a great idea! I like having those options.

(karsten) #3


I wanted to have a Hotkey list like that for a long time. This is really great, but not so good for printing. So I decided to make a PDF file from the list. All hotkeys of the list are on 2 DIN A4 pages, so you can print them on a double sided page and have all hotkeys.

You can download the PDF file here:

Have fun with it!

If you update this list, it would be nice if you could mail me, so that I can update the PDF file, too. Mail to [email protected]

(basse) #4

yep. PDF is on my TODO list… my script will generate that too, hopefully, in the future… but until it does that, it’s good that you have one laying around.