Blender Icons Missing


I was wondering if you fine folks could help me with an issue. I started up Blender today and all my Icons are gone!
I searched Google and could not find an answer. I have also uninstalled and re-installed Blender to no avail.

I have included pictures showing my problem.



What graphics card are you using ?
Shut down your computer and restart
File / Load Factory Settings
Ensure you are using the latest graphics card divers. Go to the relevant website to check, don’t rely on your computer saying it has the latest.
File / User Preferences / System, try the various window draw methods and VBOs on/off


I am using at GTX540, and I have been using Blender for about a month now without any issues until yesterday.

I loaded factory settings and there was no change.
I am currently installing 332.21 [SUP]WHQL[/SUP] from Nvidia’s website.

I tried all the different window draw methods to no avail. I will check back in a bit after the new video-drivers are done!


So I installed the new Nvidia Drivers to no avail. Reinstalled Blender again… no dice.

I am running Win 7 (64bit) so I was using the 64 bit version. I figured I would try the x86 (32 bit) version. I installed the 32 bit version and voila, it’s all fixed!

Thank you for the help and ideas. Hopefully this can help someone with a similar situation in the future!

Off to keep modeling for me, now I just need to get good at baking textures and creating texture maps to keep my poly counts low!