Blender in after effects

hey guys i have been trying for about an hour on how to import blender files to after effects cs4 with this tutorial:

but after bringing the script to after effects i could only see a black screen on the blender composition. what should i do?

Have you tried using the version bundled with Blender 2.65 ? It may not work with CS4 as it is written for CS3. If that doesn’t help you will have to write a new script.

If you’re using AE for compositing (I’m assuming) why not render layers in Blender to OpenEXR and import as images?

Of course, not knowing what your end goal is, this may not be applicable at all. But having recently acquired AE myself (CS5.5) I did some tests and it’ll import OpenEXR right up to the full 96-bits (24 bits/channel + 24-bit alpha) that Blender will put out. I haven’t gone through the entire process yet, but it looked very promising to me.

I was trying to make a heart model for my brother for his web show, now he has AE CS5, but the thing is that he wanted me to make a heart spinning for the “game” effect, so which export should I use for an animation to be displayed in after effects?

If the exporter mentioned by organic isn’t working, the only option you have is to render a transparent sequence of frames (OpenEXR or TIFF) in Blender and import them as a sequence in AE. I say it’s your only option, but of course you could also fix the exporter if you have the skills for that.

Just to be clear, there is no 3D option for After Effects. After Effects composites footage only, it can not handle 3D models. All the Blender exporter does is export positions of objects and Camera into the After Effects coordinate system. These exported objects appear in the After Effects comp as NULL layers. You use these NULL layers to parent the rendered footage from Blender to achieve the illusion of the objects existing in After Effects 3D space. The illusion is broken if you alter the After Effects camera in anyway.

For your project, a turn table model, there is no need to use the exporter at all. Just render your final animation to the specs of the After Effects comp size and hand it off to your brother.