Blender-in-blender - hawto???


I’m a ne-bee in Blender,so I hope to find some guidande here.

Ok, I just modelled my first … model :stuck_out_tongue: and it is a tree. Not a very sophisticated one, but hey, I am starting out.
Next, I’d like to shape a landscape (insert a plane, size, subdivige, up-and-down some vertices, subsurf anf give it a texture and voila) - and then, I’d like to “paste” (???) my tree (a blend file) into that landscape.

Any hints? Tips?

PS sorry if this was the wrong place to put this question - if this was the wrong space…

in your landscape file, press shift f1 (link/append from the file menu) and select your tree file. When you click on that it will give you a few options for what to import. Click on “Object” then the name of your tree. If you want the tree to update in this file when you update the tree file then turn on the “Link” option down the bottom of the window, otherwise leave it off. Link also means that the original tree file is the only place you can edit more than the location/rotation/scale. Without link you can edit it in your new file, but editing in the original tree file won’t carry over.

Anyway, in short: shift+f1, choose your file, then object, click ok. :slight_smile:

Hi, big tnx 4 the reply…
I may have “forgotten” to export the whole tree, it consists of some basics (cilinders, sphreres) and the import lets me choose these basic shapes rarther that the whole tree…


Aha! Found the manual(s) …

Ok, there goes my weekend … :smiley:


go to file, Append or Link, make sure that Append is selected, then go into your tree file, then select Object, then select your objects name from the list, hit Ok then move it around in blender