Blender in chains!

(coldwellr) #1

Hi all. Here’s a picture I did recently of our beloved Blender logo in chains!

Yes, I know the cuff is on the wrong place but hey, never mind eh!

I’ve got more pics in a gallery at…


(joecool) #2

great work man! Though I would make the ball not as ‘reflectiony’ haha

(mthoenes) #3

Personally, I like the reflections.

The tile floor, the reflections, etc… all very nice.


(BgDM) #4

Nice work. I like the reflection too. But is it just me, or is the reflection off a bit? The chain does not reflect where it starts, but it looks like it is offset a bit.


(coldwellr) #5

You’re right about the chain being off a bit. The reflection is of course an env map calculated from the point of view of an ‘empty’ inside the ball. I did this in a hurry so It’s not in the right position. To be honest, I’ve still got a lot to learn, but I’m having loads of fun messing about!

Thanks for your comments.

(valarking) #6

actually i prefer the reflections how they are right now…

(shibbydude) #7

Great. The tiles are a little aliased though. I have had problems with that in that plugin and I really do not know how to fix that. Anyone?

(coldwellr) #8

I noticed this effect, the more I increased the ‘normals’ effect on the tile texture (the depth of the bump map), the more aliased the texture becomes. Such is the versitility of Blender that I guess you can correct for this by some means. It would be interesting to hear from anyone on this subject?

Meanwhile, there now seems little doubt that we will reach the 100k mark :slight_smile: (even if Ton has to take out a loan for the last few k?)

Watch out, Blender is about to become something HUGE on the open source 3D scene. I honestly believe that with the right publicity, Blender is set to rival 3D max, Maya, etc. for professional use just like Linux now clearly rivals NT in the server arena.

Sony have already been using it for Playstation 2 games, Apple have used it for their own promos, and many more will follow.

This is only the beginning and we are all part of it!

Anyway, enough of my opinions. Let’s hear yours.


(shibbydude) #9

What games and promos would those be?

(Haunted-House) #10

Nice work! I think the heavy reflection should stay, it’s fine!

(hannibar) #11

Try this :

go to the texture butons, and select the reflection texture on the ball. Save the texture ( there is a save option somewhere ).
Then push ‘image’ instead of ‘env’ , and load the enviroment texture you just saved. Then set the filter higher. (like 10 or 15). Render.

How does that look?

(Skates) #12

you can set the ball as the env map object instead of the empty to correct the offset problem. Just type in the object name of the ball. Make sure the center of the ball is actually in the center by pressing the ‘center’ button.

(DreamMaster) #13

I like the reflection, it makes a mood there in the scene. All I must say is… poor Blender :frowning: