Blender in motion graphics design

Hello everybody,

Who uses Blender professionally in the art of making motion graphic design. And do you use other applications with this and are these also open source or not. I would also like to know if it is best to work with an layer based or node based compositor an what are the advantages/ disadvantages.

Everybody thanks for their time and effort.

I use a combination of Blender, After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator for most of my motion graphics work. Personally I prefer a node based system, it’s more powerful than layers.

I understand that Cinema 4D is better for motion graphics work than Blender, because of things like MoGraph, but I’m sure anything done in Cinema 4D can also be done in Blender, but with a bit more work.

Liked the MTV MMA zone and difference of work in showreel.

Well the layers have more interactive motion and scaling available, and you can temp moves in realtime via OpenGL.

I would then use the compositor to blend them together. But mograph has many flavours, it depends upon the effect you are trying to achieve. You should be able to do everything in Blender if you put your mind to it. It’s just that After Effects can be quicker.

So with AE there are more preset effects. Blender can do it but you have to figure out how to do it.

What would be a great is a text animation by character, just as AE has. I know that Atom´s addons can do something similar, but i haven´t been able to make them work.

I think that text animation is the weakest part of using Blender for motion graphics work. Pretty much anything that other applications do can be done, but is a lot more work. We just need some good plugins to automate some of the repetition, especially with per-character animations.

Thank you. Have a new showreel brewing, just need a bit of spare time to put it together.

If I know how, I would like to write a plugin for that. I think that the right approach should something similar to shapekeys. The idea is to establish a set of keyframes for character animation with an offset and directional optinon. It would be nice also to could establish the character anchor point.

With that, text animation could become much more easier.

Something like this (stupid BA won’t let me inline the gif…grrr) from my old Penning easing equations patch maybe?