Blender in Science: Quantum Animations

Watch the full video here.

Part of the difficulty with understanding quantum science is related to the fact that it is hard to imagine what quantum phenomena “look like”. By abstracting out high-level concepts and translating them into a visual form, we are able to produce animations that engage and inform broad audiences.

I created a series of short, quantum-related animations used as b-roll by the video production team at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. A description of the animations and their appearance times are outlined below:

  • 0:24 An abstract animation of quantum computing, where the qubits reflect the spin state of quantum superposition.
  • 0:38 Process for emitting a single photon from a tin vacancy in a diamond.
  • 0:49 Dark fiber, which can be utilized for private communication networks.
  • 0:53 Quantum Key Distribution, used for secure data transfer.
  • 1:04 Abstract animation of decreasing classical noise using “squeezed” states of light.

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