Blender in the Media

As you heard of recently, the first Blender Foundation Movie, Big Buck Bunny has now graced the screen of your Nintendo 3DS, if you live in Europe. But now, it starting to grace your TV screen… Well sort of. Let me explain. I recently saw a 4G Droid Commercial in the past 24 hours when I saw a certain clip in the commercial. Here’s the link to the thing. Let me remind you that I am, under any circumstances, NOT creating a advertisement for their products.

Now if you actually saw the first 7 seconds of the video, there’s a very short clip the kids in the tent watching a scene from Big Buck Bunny. The squirrel drops a acorn on the bird’s head knocking him out.

May not be much to talk about, but I’m just showing my result in my investigation.

BBB has been used in countless adverts, no need to start a new thread for every single one of them.

Fluffy animals are always cute and they’re a cheapskate since they don’t have to pay anyone to use it.

Oh didn’t know what. My apologies.