Blender included with Blender manual?...

I am wanting to learn Blender and I want to buy ‘The Official Blender 2.3 Guide’ to help me do this.

I assume this still comes with a copy of the actual Blender program on the book’s accompanying CD - as referred to in a review at - but since this isn’t explicitly stated on the item’s page in the Blender e-shop, I am not certain it actually does.

Clarification of this will be much appreciated.

Why not just download it – it is only about 5 mb. You can get all of the different versions here

I would reccomend 2.37a to go with the manual until you get your feet under you.


OK, thanks for that link & advice - getting the right version was my main concern.

The one that comes with the book is lke 2.36, it’s old.
P.S. Welcome to ElYsiun! :smiley:

Thank you - great to be here.

Not only was that my first post to elYsiun but my first ever post to an Internet forum, so I am greeeeeen, guys. %|

Though I have lurked a bit here and there over the years, to be sure.

I’ll stop rambling and go order that Blender book now, then!

No fair, the book I got came with blender 2.30. It didn’t even explain anything about raytracing…

The book is based on Blender 2.33

If you use a version other than 2.33 there will be things that you need to do slightly different which may cause you a bit of confusion.


I hear you - thanks for that.

(just checking something)