Blender installer torrent Poll.

With the amount of Blender installs being downloaded after each release, one would think that an official torrent for each OS would be a prudent move since bandwidth is not cheap. i would happily seed for all versions, though i only use the XP version.

Anything we can do to save the blender foundation money is surely a good move, isn’t it?
Does anyone else think this is a good idea?

I said no, since it’s so small file and people would not bother to use torrent when you can download it faster with browser.

I agree with Jurgen. Blender installer is only 10 MBytes. And I have never used any torrent yet, so I wouldn’t use it for Blender anyway.

Thanks for the responses guys.

The reason that i thought a torrent would be a good idea is not due to the file size, its the amount of downloads blender gets after each release.

Though its only a 10mb file, if you multiply that by 1.8 million (the amount of downloads/installs last year according to the Roncarelli report ) it comes to 17578GB of data.

Though the downloads are split over several servers, if we can help to reduce the bandwidth usage of the Blender foundation it would free up resources and allow more development and reduce running costs.

Also if many people used the torrent the download speed would be about the same as the servers. :slight_smile:

I just downloaded 2.44 for a test, and i got a speed of around 600KB/s which, in turn, took about 12 seconds to complete.

The average connection speed in the USA is around 2mb (which is actually lagging behind the rest of the western world by a substantial amount), so to download a 10mb file would take around 95 seconds.

Is that really so long to wait? are people so impatient that 95 seconds is so unbearable they would have to use the faster servers?

Lets hope not. :slight_smile:

Actually, last I recall, the Blender Foundation’s bandwidth is 100% sponsored by the most excellent Dutch ISP, XS4ALL.

Also being open source software you can even mirror it (sourceforge, berliOS, etc.etc.)

The good use of p2p would be sharing materials, presets, meshes among users
(I know this may seem as ripping to someone, but is always faster to get what’s needed
starting from something similar than from 0). Sadly, such a sharing would require
some kind of personalized p2p program (to preview entities, categorize them,
and even separate them from “usual p2p” etc.etc.)