Blender Institute Training on VFX, Animation and more

The Blender Institute is happy to be able to offer 3 official training courses this year!

With the latest release of Blender 2.64a there are lots of new tools and techniques and this is the perfect chance to learn them first hand! Participants will work in the main studio, on workstations as used for the latest production: Tears of Steel .

The three courses will cover:
VFX pipeline with Blender
Animation Pipeline with Blender
Bring your Own Project (custom/project-based training)

The teachers are selected among Certified Trainers and artists who have worked on Open Movie/Games projects in the Institute: Sebastian Koenig, Beorn Leonard, Francesco Siddi, Pablo Vazquez.

We allow a maximum of 8 participants per course, in order to make it a truly personal experience.

The Blender Institute is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Training period goes from November 18 to December 7 and each course lasts 5 days, full time (lunch included).

Check out our website for more information about the courses!
Blender Institute Facebook Page:

Sounds great, but this is missing one key piece of information: how much does each of the courses cost?
Thanks, and looking forward to these!

Use the link given to the website for more details and cost

Oh, wow, I can’t believe I missed that. I had read the entire page except the part under “meet the trainers”.

Looks very good. Will there be DVD training available for those that cant attend?


I must admit that the courses look good at first glance. Would like to hear some details about them after they’re held (i.e. how they compare to other such courses using commercial software).

Damn shame they’re in Amsterdam. I understand why, but I can see this missing out on a larger US market / audience. Not that this means much for me, being Aussie and not really in a position to attend one in the US either, but the location of the Blender Foundation cropped up in a discussion recently & this reminded me of that.

No. At least not specifically from these courses. But just visit the Blender e-Shop! There are some DVDs that cover very similar topics! :wink:

Well, if you compare the population numbers of Europe and the US, then I’d rather see it as an advantage to have them in Amsterdam.
Apart from that Amsterdam is just a damn awesome city. And the home of Blender. :slight_smile:

Wish I was in Amsterdam :frowning:

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not dissing Amsterdam. It’s one of the cities on my bucket list. :slight_smile:

Are you guys planning on making this an annual thing?

It is a bit short notice this year (for me personally). But if it were on next year I’d plan early and attend as it sounds like a great experience.

I don’t know Ton’s plans for 2013, but personally I’d be totally up for more courses. Also depends on how this one goes, but I guess there’s a good chance of more courses at the Blender Insitute.

Basically is all up to the amount of people that show interest in these courses.

We hope this one is going to get people involved, this is the first time four BFCT (3 at a time) are together giving the same courses, all part of one or more open projects, at the Blender Institute (being able to use the same facilities open projects use, including renderfarm)

If we get enough people, it will definitely ensure more training next year. Specially since there is no open project going on at the Institute in 2013, and Ton needs to pay the bills to all the people hired by the Foundation (full time devs, e-shop, rent, electricity, and such)! Like everyone else.

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