Blender Interface Font

Hey guys,
I was wondering were the file for the default blender interface font is. Is it buried somewhere in the maze of folders that is blender, or is it somewhere else, because I know that the ‘bmomofont.ttf’ is not it. Thanks!

I have my custom font in this location:

..\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.71\datafiles\fonts\droidsans.ttf.gz

original is in:

\Program Files\Blender\2.71\datafiles\fonts\

Well, the thing is that the font you’re talking about is the font used in the text editor (sort of looks like the consolas font), and not the one used in the interface.
[EDIT: I just set the interface font to the windows Arial.ttf font, so that should do it, although I’m still wondering where it is.]