Blender Internal Interior Lighting WIP

Hey guys!
Just a little shot of something I have been playing around with in Blender Internal. 3 light sources…one sun behind the corner, and two areas in the room facing the windows. No area lights behind the windows in this shot, but I have some on another layer that I am playing wih as well. The floor is modeled, and the only thing I have a texture on now is the wall. Not really sure where I’m going with this, but probably a little breakfast area like I’ve done recently. I don’t have all the stuff I would nornally use turned on yet, so I see the AA issues on the window sill, but that will be taken care of. Anyway, thought it looked decent enough to share, hope you dig it!
I’ll throw the wireframe up here in a sec if anyone is interested :smiley:


Nice scene!
of course its still “empty” but thats nothing you couldnt realize yourself :smiley:
I found it weird though that you modelled the whole floor instead of using a texture, but it actually looks great.
I would suggest though you bake the geometry out into a normal map and use just one plane for the ground, that would be 4 vertices vs. “quite a bunch”
Could be really efficient on render times with no visible difference, useful especially if you do many test renders/plan to render an animation sequence.

Thanks blendfile! I thought of that for the floor, but it’s really low-poly as it is, there’s not much more of the floor than what you see here. :smiley: Animations are certainly not my thing, so that’s not going to be an issue :slight_smile: I appreciate you checking it out!

Very impressive! Great work!

Beautiful scene Vicky! Loving the cast shadows on the floor, nice mood setting, can’t wait to see some more progress!

@animaguy and Luis-Felipe: Thanks guys! Playing around with IDL in BI now, and it’s coming along nicely. Right now it only has what I mentioned + environment lighting :smiley:

this look good,
but i do not see where you place ares lights

do you use AO or Indirect Light?

@TS1234: Thanks!

Here’s the lights:

I didn’t use AO or Indirect lighting, only Environment lighting. I am experimenting with IDL as we speak :smiley:

Quick update:

Added lights behind the windows, made a chandelier, moved the sun :smiley:

looking good Vicky! Another example of good use of the BI! Have you ever tried micro render? Unluckly is not finished but in my opinion if you like the BI you will love it! Think of it as a faster BI with global illumination! There is a demo on their website, give it a try!

Thanks very much, I’ll have a look! :smiley:

B.I, B.I, B.I.

The revolution has started.

YES! :yes:

Lookin good Vicky:) I goota say tho I liked the other sun position better. I love me some cool shadow details like you had before on the floor:P Bi is good I just dont think people really try to turn the settings up if you know what I mean, so BI gets a bad wrap. Higher settings in BI=longer renders but not as long as cycles hehe. I love the soft reflections by the way too, I’m holding off on that setting till the end on my WIP, blurred mirror does ad some signifigant render time:) btw what kinda render times are you working with right now?

Happy Blending!

Hey Vick, the blend?

@DerekG1080 Thank you very much!
Still working on the sun placement, as it’s certainly going to change once I get some stuff in the room of course :smiley: I know EXACTLY what you mean about it getting a bad rap, yes your render will look like crap with light shadows/specularity set at default. Funny thing about blurred reflections, not mentioning any names, but someone just told somebody else on here that you needed nodes to do them in BI, which everyone probably believes now, unfortunately. This picture here was at highest settings(cubic interpolation on all mats, full oversample, full AA, high light samples and softness, etc.), so it went for 3 hours, mainly because of the floor. I also have a crap PC so my time will differ greatly from most, this is just a hobby of mine. :smiley: Thanks again, and I’m looking forward to yours as well!

Not giving it up as of yet, I’m sure you are quite capable of making this :smiley:

Just an updated screeny:

The wonkiness of the walls is a solidify modifier, which is needed if I was going to use Indirect Lighting in BI, which I still just might do. It was an afterthought of course, I would have modeled it differently, but it works as it is. I took the solidify negatively outwards as to not jack up my interior walls.

Rock On, VickyM72.

This is really awesome work. You are doing a great job of demonstrating your skillset.

Much appreciated, thanks! Now if this tornado crap would move along here in Atlanta, I could get back to work on it! :stuck_out_tongue: