Blender internal rencerer in 2.4x doesn't work (black frame)


during the last versions of Blender 2.4x I wasn’t able to render using the internal renderer. All I got was a black frame. (Rendering in Yafray worked, though.) Now that I decided to give it another try, I installed Blender 2.49b on Ubuntu 10.4, but here’s the same problem. In addition, the Yafray option has disappeared from the menu. What can I do to get either Blender’s internal renderer or Yafray working? I have no clue what the problem might be here.

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yafray (note spelling) went years ago since it was no longer in development and so just a dead option.
yafaray (note spelling) is another external renderer. Go to to download and installation instructions.

If you have a black screen when rendering, add a link to your blend file so other useres can see what the problem may be.
Usual suspects are no lights in your scene, have to selected ‘Do Composite’ or ‘Do Sequence’ in the render settings without anything in the sequencer or compositor.

How does Yafaray integrate with the Blender interface?

The scene can be downloaded here:

I have activated none of those options.

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How does Yafaray integrate with the Blender interface?


For your black background problem, in the Scene settings (F10) under Render Layers, enable the Solid Layer so it renders solid faces

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