Blender Internal renders half first??

Sorry for ambiguous title, but I don’t know how else to put it.

When I use Blender Internal to render in Full setting, it renders completely at the bottom half of the screen, leaving half the render window black. After some time, then it stretches to the full window.

I noticed also that the half render is quite sharp, but after it fills the whole screen, some resolution is lost.

Any advice?

I think your aspect ratios are wrong in render settings. Under “Scene” panels (F10) try out different presets available under the “format” tab (PAL, NTSC, Default, Preview, PC etc etc…) just prior to a render (F12) and see if any of them are better. Personally, those presets all seem to stuff me up. My settings are…

Render TAB:
Blender Internal
OSA - 8
Xparts: 4
Yparts: 4

Format TAB:
SizeX: 800
spX: 100.00
spY: 100.00
Q: 90
RGB (selected)

…these seem to work for me regardless of the offered defaults.

Actuallly you are using an interlaced rendering. Turn of the fields button and you should be fine. Fields are only used for rendering only half images that are later put together to form full images. This is a setting commonly used on TV until progressive scans (= full images) became reality.

It works! Thanks! One little button…:o

Thanks loads!! I decided to search before posting a new thread and was happy to run into this. I had no idea why that would happen with some projects but not with others.

Tnkz… i was playing around whit the options and didnt know what i did to make the render act like that haha … but is nice have at hand this forum and people like you… :smiley:

Cheers and happy blend!