Blender Internal: self Illuminated texture, is it possible without Cycles?

I have a problem to create self-illuminated texture in Blender Internal aka Blender Render (not Cycles).

The self illuminated texture that I wish to achieve is like the red balls in the below picture (not made by me), but without glow effect.

The self illuminated is the “additive blending” or “GL_BLEND_ADD” (Opengl term) that ignore all light.

The material I have created has 4 textures :-

  1. blue-tone normal
  2. lambertian (Diffuse:Color)
  3. Specular color
  4. self-illuminated texture

Here is the picture (red circle show an unsuccessful setting).

Download link for .blend is provided just in case :-

All of the first 3 textures are work fine, but I can’t manage to make the self-illuminated texture to work.

I just want the final result to be :-
Result = { output from RGB from 1-3 } + { RGB of the self-illuminated texture }

Yes, the operator is blatantly ADD like that.

How to achieve it?

PS. for the reason that I want to use Blender Internal:-
The model would be easier to be previewed and exported to an external render engine.

I know that Cycles can do this. However, if I use Cycles and want the models to be exported as .obj , I have to :-

  1. create new Blender-Internal material
  2. create another 4 texture to be baked
  3. bake each textures. … and do this for all objects.

It is a tedious task. Furthermore, I am still not sure whether Blender can bake “self-illuminated” texture or not. Python can do this, but it seems to overkill.

Edit1 (1 day later, solved) :
Thank Richard for clarifying that it is not possible. I stop searching and start to code python then.
Thank Ace Dragon for the closest alternative.

The Blender Internal engine doesn’t have support for mesh lights. However, you can try to approximate it with the use of area lights (which can be textured).

Meshes can emit light in blender internal though they do not cast shadows.
Increase emit value for the material and enable Indirect Lighting option with gather set to Approximate (World settings)

Note the texture set to influence the Emit value just controls the actual emit value, not the emit colour, so in this case best used with a black and white image