Blender is a flag ship for Net Ventures?

(Rob) #1

I have just had a look at Net Ventures Portfolio, on their WEB site. And guess what Blender is top of the list! That is:

NaN Technologies, creator of Blender, is a technology company establishing new standards in realtime 3D content creation, playback and delivery for use across all networks and devices. Blender is the only fully integrated 3D creation suite, which allows modeling, animation, rendering, post-production, interactive 3D creation and playback. Since its launch, Blender has established a high profile of over 250,000 global users. Users include animation studios, art schools and a large community of early adopting enthusiasts in Europe, the USA and Japan.
Good to see support for Blender.


(Timothy) #2

Yeah I found it a bit ironic aswell

(Hos) #3

Well, alphabetically speaking, Amiga should go first
… enough said!