Blender is Blue!

I recently changed my macintosh to linux. I bought the book “The essential blender” and installed blender off the CD. It worked fine. But then I decided to upgrade to the newest version so I uninstalled and reinstalled using linux’s “add/remove programs.” When I started blender, it showed up blue! (see attachement) I uninstalled and reinstalled, didn’t work. Then I installed from the CD again and this time it too was blue.
What is the problem and how can I fix it?

Thanks in advance.


Change the theme?!
No, I’m joking…maybe a graphics card problem?

Try deleting the hidden file .B.blend

I just a Blue boy, in a Blue blue world, when I open Blender I feel so blue, cause the background is blue and menu is blue, and everything is blue, and I aint got no one to listen to. Blee blaa blaa bla bleee blaa ba ba ba ba bleeee bla…

and now for that, I appologise to your brain.

seriously tho, I have never in my life seen an error like that in an application of any description. I hope Organic’s suggestion fixes it. Restated for convinience.

“try deleting the hidden file .B.Blend” - Organic.

Good Luck.

Also, if you have any 3d desktop compositing that uses OpenGL (like compiz), turn it off.