Blender is bugged someone help please!

Hi everyone, I am in urgent need of assistance. After installing the “crack it” add-on, its messed something up with blender where I basically can’t use any functions such as extruding or an error message will pop up. Ive tried re-installing blender and I have also attempted to uninstall the add-on multiple times but blender will either crash or the same error will come up. If anyone can think of a solution, anything would be greatly appreciated!!

Have you tried removing the crack-it addon? After removing it also try resetting blender to load factory settings from the file menu and see if it helps. If these suggestions don’t work you might need to submit a bug report indicating exactly what you did so developers can reproduce the issue and possibly fix the bug.

Follow the instructions in the bug report form as indicated in the instructions.

Just delete or rename the crackit folder

yep so I went to uninstall the add-on, but every time I pressed uninstall blender would crash. I also attempted to reload settings and submit a bug report but it would crash every time? Should I maybe install an older version of blender and see if that works or would it be the same?

I did, but the error still comes up :frowning:

Rename the “addons” folder to “addons_BACKUP” and start over

Hi, in OP you said you installed crack-it. Is it right, you downloaded the addon and actually installed it via preferences? Because according to this:

you should just enable it in 2.79. That might be the source of your problem.

Oh! Thankyou so much this helped a lot!