Blender is not turning on

I have terrible problem with Blender, it doesn’t want to turn on. I have downloaded latest version of Blender installer, I repaired files- didn’t work, I installed Blender again- didn’t work, I turn on my pc again - nothing changed.
It looks like it tries to turn on, small code window opens, but it closes and blender icon disappears on the belt. I have never had such a problem before, what can I do more? It’s my basic program. I work on one project every week, it ruins my schem! Please, help me!
I have copy what is written there.

Try navigating to the AppData/Roaming directory (as seen on the screenshot) and move the “Blender Foundation” folder to somewhere else. This folder contains all the settings for Blender (maybe there’s something wrong there), if it is missing it will be re-created with the defaults.

Okay, but I can’t find in users/jan this folder… there is nothing like this I can make a screen shot i just found something like “C:\Users\Default.migrated\AppData\Roaming”… is it bad if even portable version is not working?

edit i typed the direction and I found that, and i moved it, and now it can’t find the location

Totally not working now! ( I am in despair)

Moving the folder should not cause Blender to stop working. You should be able to simply move it back, in any case.

It’s hard to tell which other factors (virus scanners, backup tools, “tuning” utilities) are influencing this. Your harddisk or filesystem may be defective, as well.

I don’t have any other advice to give you, except that you should always have a “backup system”, if your work is important.

By default, the AppData folder is hidden. To see it, do this:

  • open File Explorer
  • click the View tab
  • click Options (on the far right of the View tab toolbar)
  • you’ll now see the Folder Options dialog
  • click the View tab in the dialog
  • look for Files and Folders > Hidden files and folders > Show hidden files, folders and drives
  • click to select it, then click Okay.

Now when you navigate to your home folder (user folder, whatever) you’ll see AppData and you can follow the directions given above.

I have done that, thank you for the help, anyway it didn’t change anything, i logged into different account, and there blender works fine, so there is something in my profile maybe.

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