Blender is REALLY SLOW!!!

:< .
When I try to use blender to add special effects to a video clip, the load time per-frame is unbearably SLOW!!! :<
The file is just a regular DivX movie reading straight from my HD, I have a P4 1.8 GhZ with 256 RAM, a Nvidia Geforce MX, and I’m running Windows XP.


Oh, and Is there any software I could use to add a lightsaber effect besides blender?

try it with uncompressed video.

DivX just encodes the difference between frames, and a complete frame every once every so often (eg 300 frames) called a keyframe

So, to render an arbitary frame, it has to go back to the last keyframe and render every frame since then.

That and the resolution of the image is probably not optimized for openGL acceleration (powers of 2: 16x16, 32x32, …).


Ok, Thanks! :smiley:

…And do you know of a good codec that doesn’t use keyframes? Does Indeo Video 5.1 use keyframes?

AVI jpeg is not keyframe based. And of course so is AVI Raw.