BLender is the number 1 Linux app!

Nice Job Blender Community!

Woohoo! One person thinks Blender is the greatest eva jumping up and down


I think this type of thing is great- if you have never heard of blender and read that article, and someone has rated blender above open office, you will definitely check it out- it may only be one persons opinion, but it has endless possibilities, imagine the next Ton Roosendal reads that, who knows… those kinds of things are fantastic for the community

Linux is great! I’ve been using Ubuntu since January. The software available is overwhelming.
I also use xp on another computer. Which I will switch 100% to Linux when xp is no longer supported.
I also find Linux to be quit a bit faster than xp.
I think a lot of people are afraid to make the switch. What they don’t understand is xp is their “training wheels” to use computers. Linux is the next step… Toward a superior os IMO.
The best part I think is Linux os & software is constantly improving for better use. And not designed around profit. And with people working constantly from around the world, improvements are constant.
Thanks to all who contribute! And one day I hope to be able to do the same.


I think it is funny that xpdf is listed as one of the top software…

For me Ubuntu has been my training wheels; I am about to switch to Arch Linux…

Well, its pretty much as good as any other opensource pdf viewer. I’m using epdfview because its small.

That list is nonsense…

Blender before Firefox?? It’s just impossible…

And Basero should be “BRasero”… xPDF is pretty unknown and i’m sure that Firestarter is more used then Guarddog…

Firefox comes with almost any linux distro (the most famous that don’t have firefox by default is Debian).

Apps like the Network Manager, or command line ones are much more used, but i don’t think such apps count…

Blender is one of the top 50 linux apps - no doubt here (maybe on top 20), but it’s not on the peak, i’m sorry.

sorry my english

exactly my thoughts… Gnome and KDE to my knowledge are apps… so are grub, gnome-system-monitor, nautilus, konqueror… etc
if those don’t count, the firewall app shouldn’t count either…

the good thing about the report is it introduced some apps that i didn’t know and would try out sometime…

That report must be inaccurate. Most Linux installs are servers - so where are Apache, or MySQL on this report?

Seems amazing to me as well. It bay be that many KDE users use Konqueror instead of Firefox.

if firefox or blender had to shut down and I got to pick which one, there is no contest, firefox will see its @ss! I would have to agree with placing it at no1 just in terms of how it compares to its commercial counterparts, and what it is capable of… but thats just my opinion.