Blender Isometric Room Realistic Render


(kickass3D) #1

Blender Isometric Room Realistic Render with Cycle Without Compositing

You Can Download some Free model

(pflex1984) #2

Yeah, man, this is cool!
It’s not often that I see isometric on realistic renders.
Nice work!:grinning:

(kickass3D) #3

Thank you For Comment

(alf0) #4

this is an amazing work, ther is nothing i can say about it more thatn wow
the only thing i can say is that the shoe and the sleeprs looks a little bit small considering the whole scene, but the work is really amazing

(Jason van Gumster) #5

Pssst… you’re #featured!

(thondal) #6

Fantastic work.
The more I look at it, the more details I see.

Did you make it for something special, like a game or just for fun?

(Joey Blendhead) #7

Looks great, except it doesn’t seem like it’s been modeled to scale. The shoes look entirely too small, the camera looks a bit big, the mouse, and headset, and perhaps even the keyboard are too small. Also it appears you scaled the window frame to make it wider, because the width of the frame is not proportional to the height (note, I mean the frame itself, not the window). Also, I think the frame could use it’s own materials.
I find the way you light the scene interesting, a light above the clock, poster, and windows. Maybe model those lights though, since they appear to come from no where. Anyways, great work overall :smiley:

(KyriakosCH) #8

Very cool… I love isometric graphics :slight_smile:

(kickass3D) #9

Thank You For Comment


really nice work. i also want to make things like this.