Blender Italia Energy Drink

Hy guys! :evilgrin:
This is my last work, based on Andrew Price’s tutorial
Blender 2.58+gimp
hope u like it :o
c & c are welcome!:yes:


Green adds nice touch, but the fire seems to be not perfectly aligned with the floor.

The can is on a plane and the fire is coming up from behind it

I know that but the fire image does not match up exactly with the floor. There is a black line between the floor and the fire.

thanks guys :slight_smile:
@ gat19g: the black line is wanted because it gave a deep effect to the floor and must likehood… :wink:

I don’t really like the green, It’s to much in-ya-face. A prefer the original orange colors from Andrew

Damn Andrew is a good teacher :stuck_out_tongue:
This image rocks.

why are these tuts always just replicated… why not trying to make it even better… why not for example trying to make this an animation… would be a great step from blender operator to blender artist.

thanks guys :smiley:
@ dabreiss: i wanted to make this tut, to study the pubblicity, so this is a test… in these days, i want to make some test with different product and variation of this still :wink:

I could have one of these… its too hot here :). Anyways, nice job.