Blender italian Contest - The journey of Charon

This my entry for the new Blender italian contest…all parts made in Blender, render with Cycles 3840x2160 2000 samples, and final effects with Gimp.


this is the matcap and wire views


Amazing!!! This is an other good job. :slight_smile:

I love your idea.
In the render, too much bump for me in some of the materials.

Beautiful idea!
The render is amazing, maybe too much bump on the woods
Bravo Beretta!

There is not so much bump For the wood texture…But i can check and modify.

Very beautiful render and great idea!
Dante’s Inferno Canto 3 or 4 maybe?! Very nice!

I love it, great idea and composition!

yes it’s true, is the Inferno canto n° 3

Thanks! :slight_smile:

thanks :slight_smile: !!!

I love it! It’s seem so real…good idea!

[QUOTE=mb81;3057921]I love it! It’s seem so real…good idea![/QUO

Not so real but thanks! :slight_smile:

And the winner is… :slight_smile:

And the winner is… :slight_smile:

Congrats!!! :slight_smile:

congrats…good job!!!

congrats, this is your second victory, well done!

thanks to all!!! :slight_smile: