Blender Jedi Needed - Yacht and Architectural Design

I need a freelance Blender guru for ongoing yacht and architectural design projects.

The prime candidate will be master of lighting, meet critical deadlines, work well under pressure and have a great attitude.

English a must (read and write), Spanish and Italian will earn you extra points.

This is a telecommute position with superb upward potential.

Please point me to your online portfolio.

Seasoned artists preferred, but I will consider an ambitious and extraordinarily talented rookie.

Come grow with us…


I would like to apply for the “position.”

I have worked with Blender for over two and a half years now; my main skill is 3D modeling.

This is a portfolio I created with models that are most relevant to the project.

Additional work can be provided upon request.

Spencer Campbell

Thanks for your responses,

Ok, here is the background on my need:

My client, an architect and designer, needs one (maybe more) kickass modeler and render artist who is highly skilled, particularly at lighting and color matching.

The current modeler/renderer employs Rhino, therefore, the test file I provide you will be a .3dm.

We are not satisfied with the current renders as they appear more “synthetic” than “photo realistic”. Accordingly we are open to moving entirely over to Blender.

If you are highly proficient at modeling and rendering and meet our requirements for on-time delivery, good attitude and cost efficiency, in all likelihood we would employ you as a remote freelancer to replace our current contractor.

Our requirements are fairly simple; the boat(s) must sparkle ie; colors cannot be flat, lighting must be dynamic (but not overdone).

Prepare to meet critical drop dead dates, demanding requirements and most importantly, be a part of a world class design team.

As a diverse design company, we will also have you work on residential and commercial architectural designs.

If you still are interested, please leave a private message and we will move forward to the next phase of our discussion.

I sent a PM, hope to hear from you soon. :slight_smile:

I am still waiting for your response.

Dear Sir or Madam,
We run the yacht design studio “Designindustria” in Belgrade, Serbia, Europe. Primarily, we are interested in essential design.
Please take a look at our brochure, and if there is any possibility for cooperation in case you need any design service, we would be pleased to help you with design.
Please visit:

Would really appreciate your reply!
e-mail: [email protected]
Thanks in advance!

Kind Regards!

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[COLOR=#888888][COLOR=#888888][COLOR=#888888][COLOR=#888888] DESIGNINDUSTRIA

We would be interested in this position.

Sorry but i already got a job :eyebrowlift2:
I just liked to render and model a ship quickly,
i kept the sea not real and square like

hello are you still looking for modellers? Here’s my portfolio. Product and interior space
also work in Unity3d environment if you need to make a walkthrough. PM me or we can
set up a skype chat.

I am interested in this position.
here are some of my links.

my email is: [email protected]

actually i was planning on doing some yacht project in the near future for myself, mainly sailing and motor catamarans and trimarans.