Blender Joke

(CubeFan973) #1

The 3D modeler excused himself to go download some “3D porn.”

As it turned out, it was screenshots of models of girls (clothed and not) in EditMode.

Very bad joke, I know, but I thought it up for no apparent reason.

(CubeFan973) #2

this coming from the guy who always objects to nudity

(Timonides) #3

THAT WAS A VERY BAD JOKE!!! CubeFan, I AM VERY ANGRY WITH YOU!!! #%#$^$^%&%&&&&^&^&^&*^& :x :x :x :x :x :x :x

No I am joking… I am not angry neither was a bad joke… :smiley:

Anyway what’s the problem with nudity??? :o


(uv) #4

Any other joke? I like them so much!

(kos) #5

ok this is a good idea…no really.i model the chicks…anybody interested in modelling the guys?we shall animate them and post the sort 3d-porno movie to CG-chanel or something like that.really a new thing in the history of CG.

(valarking) #6

um, not really new. you might want to implement SysAdmin’s “Model 3d Nude Women” button first.

(uv) #7

Oh guys, is getting serious now … :slight_smile:

(CubeFan973) #8

The idea just popped into my head that nude 3D models could be models in EditMode, and I posted this.

My problem with nudity is that my religion doesn’t like films with nudity. Also, it’s demoralizing.

If you guys want to make a 3D porn film (you sickos–then again, I did make this joke), go right ahead. Who knows? Maybe a porn distributor will buy it.

Or maybe you’ll get images in Playboy…

I wouldn’t join it, though.

(acasto) #9

Some religions think that women should always wear a burka, some think we’ll come back as something else, some think that dancing is bad, and some think that modern amenities is bad.

The question is: What do YOU think?

An unconformed opinion is not total deviation.

But then again, once assimilated, the collective knows.

(valarking) #10

Hey man, you were born naked, and you’ll always be naked under those clothes. Don’t you just feel demoralized? :wink: I foresee an awkward wedding night for you. Oh well, you’ll grow out of it when you hit puberty.

(gorgan_almi) #11

Theres nothin wrong wid nudity, pics or otherwise. It only becomes porn when it displays sexual poses/acts. 8)

(CubeFan973) #12

Oh, great… another flame war onto me for saying “no nudity for me…”

I’ve grown up in that religion. While I still see films they prohibit (they don’t want you to watch R-rated films), I’m sticking closely to it.

I’ve hit puberty, though almost nobody else in Brimhall 7th grade seems to. Seriously, there are kids that my head can go onto theirs, and I don’t have to lean down. Not so seriously, my head is 3 feet off the ground. (Actually, I’m like 6 feet tall, and everybody else can’t get onto amusement park rides, so everyone else thinks I should play basketball. Though it’s a sport that I can stand, I don’t like sports and don’t really want to be very involved in them. If they want to play basketball, fine.)

Guys, it’s demoralizing…

I’m talking about in pictures, animations, or any form of media. Though I will admit I might have (censored)

(acasto) #13

Is is just me, or does that kind’ve sound like a cult.

There is a difference between a relgion that is composed of an organized group of beileivers wich hold certain ideals that one may or may not hold firm to, and one that has such things as to exert control upon it’s followers. Attention to the word followers, because you seem to not even consider your own thoughts but immediatley jump to the answer you have been pre-programmed with.

(acasto) #14

I want to clarify that I’m not personally attacking you or your relgion. I know that people’s views and opinions on things in the world are really affected by their up-bringing and evironment, especailly at your age. But as you get older and move out into the world, the decisions and views you have and make, will need to be of your own. While they can be guided and based on your beliefs by which you have been raised, there isn’t any manual or book you can carry to succed.

As for nudity, first you must clarify things. Such as the difference between nudity and pornography. Nudity itself is not bad or dirty, but natural and good. As for pornography, there is several ways to look at it. It definitely think pictures and stuff of girls when they don’t want to is very bad and demoralizing. But what about the girls that like to and really want to make it? If a hot girl comes up, and demands to take off her clothes, what are you going to say? honestly. So then it comes down to how it affects the viewer. As for demoralizing, I really don’t think so. Because it is natural instinct, especially for guys. But I do believe it is desensitizing. Most guys wouldn’t just go out and get hookers and crack-hoes just because they watched a porno. But as for changing their attitude about sex, it probably does have an effect.

Its like watching a movie with fast cars. You probably won’t become a car theif, but you might feel like burning the tires a bit 8)

Like the bum at the video store (a normal video store :wink: ) once said as I walked out the door “Take it easy… or take it sleazy, just take it any way you can get it.”

(WeirdHat) #15

It’s a good joke… I guess…

Clothes were invented by human beings. And on top of that, they were invented to keep us warm, not to hide us. Nudity is natural. Saying it’s not natural is like saying that homeless people aren’t natural.

The problem is that people seem to think that nudity and sex are related. They aren’t. If you can see my mouth, do you start thinking about eating? No… so why do people start thinking about sex when they see people’s genitals?

Speaking of which, there was an episode of Enterprise recently with some aliens who considered eating in public disgusting.

I’m just thinking of random things and throwing them in here, and I have to leave in 5 minutes, I guess this isn’t a very well written post… whatever.

(gorgan_almi) #16

That isn’t really very fair. His religion can teach that nudity is wrong without forcing that belief on people. I’m sure he simply feels that the teaching of his religion is right, and so he wishes to uphold that teaching. Having your religion being called a cult by some1 can be very hurting.

(gorgan_almi) #17

lol any1 heard of this cool modelling program called Blender?! :smiley:

(Enzoblue) #18

DUDE!~ I got Blender last night! It’s cool, gonna check with my pastor to see if the scripture has anything against it or no. Is there a kosher build? I’m sure he’ll ask…

/sarc off

(gorgan_almi) #19

Its open source so you can always build 1 yourself!! :smiley:

(CubeFan973) #20

(This is CubeFan973’s computer writing. He’s currently banging his head on the wall, something he enjoys doing regularly. However, he enjoys doing it with books and binders. Right now, it’s due to the flamewar against him.)

(Wait… he’s stopped.)

That isn’t really very fair. His religion can teach that nudity is wrong without forcing that belief on people. I’m sure he simply feels that the teaching of his religion is right, and so he wishes to uphold that teaching. Having your religion being called a cult by some1 can be very hurting.[/quote]

They don’t say right out “Nudity is wrong, so shower with your clothes on.” (No, they’re not really that stupid.) They don’t say “Sex is bad, so on your wedding night, roll around with your clothes on.” They don’t say, “Go onto forums and get flamed by guys with different views than you.”

However, it’s not nudity in itself that bothers me. It’s that some guys think it’s so cool that angers me. Porn is a device for them to use for fantasizing while they’re in the bedroom, rolling around by themselves.

If someone thinks porn is fun to do (double entendre), that’s their problem. Also, being the weird person I am… do you know about “Meet The Feebles,” a strange film which has animal puppets doing weird things? One character is a sex addict, and he catches a disease from doing it one day. He’s afraid that he might have caught AIDS. Ahem. No, I haven’t seen it (and I don’t plan to), I’ve just read a review.

My religion teaches that pornography is bad, and I’ve always been a part of this theory, so I’ve always thought it’s bad. However, they don’t force you not to watch porn. They also don’t ban you if you watch it. One girl got impregnated before she was married (premarital sex–a sin), so she got rebaptized, and I think she’s still in the church. But they recommend that you should avoid such pitfalls.

The religion isn’t a cult. We don’t do sacrifices (murder’s a sin, for Pete’s sake), we don’t worship the devil, and we don’t wear evil-looking masks to church. We’re said to break the law by marrying 17,576 girls, but we don’t do that–the practice was banned as soon as bigamy/polygamy was.

How would you react, acasto, if I went and said, “Anybody who likes Linux is actually helping Lucifer in his plan of taking over the software industry?” I don’t really believe that (Satan only wants to make the universe miserable), since the only follower of Beelzebub who wants to take over the software industry is Bill Gates.

Besides, I don’t think of eating whenever I see someone’s mouth. I think of eating whenever I hear about dogs. (Dogs don’t know when they’ll eat again, so they eat a lot as soon as possible. Great philosophy.) When I see someone’s mouth… well, if it’s a guy, I look away, since I’m probably being forced to watch a dumb science show in science class. If it’s a girl, I’m thinking of making out with her.

In other words: I’ve grown up believing that sex & nudity in movies, TV, or porn is bad. Don’t try to make me decide otherwise. If you grew up loving Batman (you sick guy, you! You’re a guy, and you have a crush on Bruce Wayne), and I yelled that Batman was only a killer who killed criminals to make himself “less innocent” to the police, how would you react.