Blender Journey: Year 03

This is my Blender Journey: Year 03.

Disclaimer: The live action graphic composite, with the guy behind the control panel, is from the Blender Foundation’s short film “Tears of Steel”. I was NOT one of the graphics artists on this project. I was the actor in the containing shots. Also, this video contains some projects from tutorials and collaborations. Credits below.

Here are the videos to my previous years of my Blender Journey.

Year 2 - Blender Sophmore -

Year 1 - Blender Genesis -

Excited for another year of Blendering!!!

Chris Haley


This video contains some tutorials, professional work involving multi software pipelines and collaborations. The following are a list of credits that I would like to mention. To stress again, I was not one of the graphics artists on Tears of Steel (Project Mango). I was the actor that played Tech Head in this piece, and thus, playing this character was one of my favorite parts of my Blender Journey this year. Link to Tears of Steel Below.


Blender Guru - Nature Academy -

Blender Cookie - Compositing in Blender Series -

Modeling a Banquet Hall - This was a random youtube tutorial. I can’t find the link. Anyone know where it is?

Python Scripting Tutorial - I think it was this one - Maybe…


U.S. Army Soldier Show

CPS Energy


Taylor Trash Productions & Zipdraw - King Lion -


Tears of Steel -

Music by TeknoAXE -

SA Blender -

is excellent congratulations very profecional

is excellent congratulations very profecional

is excellent congratulations very profecional

Thank you!!! * 3 :slight_smile:

Great concept, great works.
In my opinion, a shorter reel works better. 2 minutes long would be great for a reel (of course it depends on what you want!). I know it’s difficult to know which work left, which one to get out, but a rule of thumb in that cases is: do not repeat clips (just select the best part of it), put only the best you can.

My 2 cents. :smiley:
Cheers and congrats!

wow, awesome video :smiley:

I totally agree with your sensibilities to make a better reel. Every point you made is spot on. For me these annual Blender videos I do are not reels. I purposely pull the work, experiments and even some tutorials that are un-reel worthy. The point of it, for me, is to be able to capture and remember the journey I made with Blender with renders that would otherwise just sit on drives forever.

If I were to make a demo reel for myself it would do all the things you said and not be a Blender exclusive reel, because I work a lot in after effects. It would also pull all my favorite work not just work from 2012.

Like the line says at the beginning “This is not a demo reel. This is my Blender Journey. Year 3”. However, I do agree with all your points, and perhaps even though it’s not a reel may have still made the video better and more accessible at 2 minutes. Still has a pretty good flow at the long 4 though I think.

Thanks axel :slight_smile:

thanks, man! and sorry for the offtopic :wink:

Oh, not off topic. I appreciate your work and input. Thanks for the posts. :slight_smile: