Blender keeps getting segmentation faults on Fedora 15

I’m not sure if too many other people have used Blender on Fedora 15, but I find it very frustrating trying to do so. I’m trying to build a large scene with very detailed objects, however for some reason, every time I work on one of the objects with many vertices it just spits out a segmentation fault and dies. I’ve tried running it through gdb, and I get the following output:

[New Thread 0xaa7ffb70 (LWP 10740)]
[New Thread 0xa87ffb70 (LWP 10741)]
[New Thread 0xa97ffb70 (LWP 10742)]
[Thread 0xa87ffb70 (LWP 10741) exited]
[Thread 0xaa7ffb70 (LWP 10740) exited]
[New Thread 0xa87ffb70 (LWP 10743)]
[Thread 0xa97ffb70 (LWP 10742) exited]
[Thread 0xa87ffb70 (LWP 10743) exited]
[Thread 0xabffcb70 (LWP 10735) exited]

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x01790de7 in ?? ()
Missing separate debuginfos, use: debuginfo-install glibc-2.14-3.i686

I am thinking that the problem possibly lies in my version of glibc (2.14), however if I’m not mistaken, the current stable version of glibc is 2.14, and not 2.7 (as it says on the blender website).

I will try to compile glibc 2.7 from source, but if anybody has any other suggestions I would appreciate the help.

Thank-you in advance for your help,


i had the same problem when selecting objects in was really slow and crashed a lot.
if you are using an amd/ati card with the free (gallium3d) mesa-drivers, a fix is here:
in short, you need a newer mesa with the hw-gl_select.patch applied.

hope this helps :D,
cheers lars