Blender Laptop

I’m about to sink my teeth into some more hardware. My current laptop is fading fast.
I’m looking at an HP DV7-616US laptop but I would really like some input from the community on this. I only run linux. The one I am looking at has these specs.
17.3 screen
750 GB HD
2nd generation Intel® Core™ i7-2620M Processor (2.7GHz, 4MB L3 Cache) Turbo Boost up to 3.4 G
10HR Battery
It’s got a Radeon Graphics chip. My last ATI was 1997.
If you have any suggestions please point me in that direction.

Sounds like a good machine. Though if it is a blender only machine, I’d recommend getting a desktop. It is more future-proof.

sounds good but what ATI chip does it have you need a fairly good card to run blender good.

Graphics chip 1G Radeon™ HD 6490M Graphics [HDMI, VGA]

Thanks for the replies. Jonathon6017. I’ve built a screaming desktop but I travel (way too much) and do a lot of blender work on laptop. I just wasn’t sure how blender would do with a radeon chip but I think ATI is doing a lot better since they were bought out by AMD. At least that’s what I have heard. It would be great if there was someone on board with experience with one of these DV7s. I have been using a DV6 for three years and it’s worked fine with the Nvidia chip. This new one is Intel CPU and Radeon GPU. I’ve had no experience with that combo.

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I’d be very wary of getting an HP/Compaq laptop. Their quality control seems to be terrible, I know 2 people who have had bad experiences with them. Not saying that all their products are bad though. Personally, I’d go for a Acer or Toshiba.

ATI chips work fine with blender i know because i have one. But the radeon in the laptop is a bit low end so i would look for a better chip.

All I need is another 1500.00 extra above and beyond what I was going to spend to get one of these: