Blender League

Excuse my ignorance but while NAN was still going I never did see a web site for BL but read that great things were being developed. What’s the status now? Was anything useful produced? Will it ever be released? What about spin-off code segments that others might find useful?

the leader of the project seams to have dissapeared off the face of the earth.
Just like I thought he would.

the leader of the project hasn’t disappeared of the face of the earth at all. I talk to him almost daily.

The BlenderLeague is still active, though ofcourse not in it’s old form. Some plans are being looked at further, and they will be brought forward by Ahmaud Templeton as soon as there is actually something to tell.

okie then.

(/me doesnt know weather or not he is considered part of the blenderleague still)

you snooze, you lose!

thats just it…
if I wasnt part of the blenderleague… I dont know what i would have lost :slight_smile:

The news of my death has been greatly exagerrated. :wink:

First off I never abaondoned the Blender League. We were among the first to discover NaN’s impending doom and we had to act accordingly. Part of that was a retreat back from the openness we had in the past. But what came as a result of that could change things forever.

A chap I know in Israel contacted me and told me of a friend of his in Amsterdam that might be interested in The Blender League. We started talking and sharing ideas. So I did some meditating, continued discussion with the BL core group, and started making plans for the evolution of the Blender League. There was another circumstance that caused our silence. We had to wait to hear news of NaN’s future. Since we were partners in developing the new API there was little we could do if NaN Technologies died.

Right now I along with Lyndon Williams, Martin Strubel, Volker Mische, James Hills, Timothy Kanters and K. Richard Rhodes are doing some research and laying the groundwork for the evolution of the Blender League. Please try and be patient with us as we work hard to bring you what we believe is a unique paradigm in software development.

From now on we will be known by our codename, Olympus. This name actually gives a clue to the new name of the Blender League. The new name will be revealed when we make our first official announcement.

Certain parties within our group have begun working on some new and exciting code. This code is to serve as the foundation for a new DCC platform. We are adapting and adopting methods used in the Open Source community to hopefully speed up development. I do want to stress though that we are not an opensource project in the traditional sense of the word. There are elements within our project that will carry the aura of open source. To continue our goal is to create a foundation where by customized solutions can be created to meet the needs of today’s digital artists.

In the coming months more will be revealed. The first thing you will see is a press release that will layout our mission statement. If you have an interesting project in the works, and are ready and willing to work in a community setting to build on a new foundation please feel free to contact me at [email protected] or drop by #blenderleague to chat with me in realtime.

Now that that ^ is said, what IS Blender League?

I just love these ppl who only give the name of their channel, and forget to mention on which server they will be… EFNet, DalNet, the one #BlenderCHAT is on. I hope you guys have some luck with your ideas, and i for one am looking forward to seeing your progress with my own eyes. I was wondering though, do you ppl have any relationship with Dynamica (you should…IMHO)? well, best of luck,

my personal guess would be that it is on :stuck_out_tongue:

that’s totally my bad dudes. The server is

What was the Blender League? I’ve never heard of it, i feel left out :frowning: :slight_smile: .


The Blender League was a group of Blender users and developers who were working with NaN to create an enhanced API. The idea was to have well designed API so that developers could then create quality plug-ins for Blender Creator and Blender Publisher. We were actually in the process of testing this new API when NaN was closed. The API was even going to give developers the capability of using compiled C/C++ code for faster plug-ins. But it wasn’t to be. And we had some really cool stuff in the works too. Thinks like asset management clients that worked inside Blender so you could keep track of all your stuff. A bridge to a cmpositing application so you could move your 3D models into this compositing app for VFX work. Then of course don’t forget Dynamica which was one of the original Blender League plug-ins. I am happy to see that theeth and the others have continued development. Anyway, that’s the BL in a nutshell, or two or three.

Is/ Was the stuff you were/are developing for users in general or only members of BL? Will it ever see light of day now? I don’t see how if there can be no new Blender realeases.

Our plan was to develop a variety of tools for hobbyists and professional users. most of our work though was kept to ensuring that the API was what developers needed. Then it was to be rounded out by a full developer SDK which would have included documentation, code examples, and some other tools. We would like to continue to work with Ton and Blender, but if that doesn’t happen we wil go on with life. The Blender League will evolve.

. Then it was to be rounded out by a full developer SDK which would have included documentation, code examples, and some other tools.

You forgot to add:

“by providing highier level APIs build on the already existing Blender APIs, coding tools and stand alone modules.”



So you are saying you have the ability (and the rights) to release new versions of Blender? I’m confused (not generally just on this topic specifically) - how can you build on top of an API that itself is not complete?

Maybe I shouldn’t have use the word API, it might confuse some people. What I was talking about are Python modules built on top of the Blender API which acts like highier level API (which they are, in a way). Like my GuiC module for example, or Strubi’s Xmesh…


Theeth hit it on the nail. The thing is the plug-ins that you would have been able to create would have worked seamlessly within Blender had we been able to finish our work. There were some really cool plans in the works even documentation for the .blend file format and better import/export abilities. We were even on the virge of getting support from Right Hemisphere for their 3D Exploration program.

ahmaudt, thanks for the info. I look forward to seeing what’s produced, especially anything to do with import/export.