Blender lights not mowing in the render result

Hi! I am trying to render my model but, when I adjust the light positions they don’t appear in the render result as the same as I arranged them in the view port. Rather, they appear at the location they were when I first open my file.

I checked my active camera, moreover, I don’t have any other cameras as well…
Plus I tried to rearrange my light positions, deleting and replacing them and than save the file and re-open blender, and the lights appear as they were in the previous save…
So, I am really confused here…

here is an ss of my view port

and here is my render result… Like… How??

your lights, your plane all have keyframes on them:
Did you somehow animated the position of the light? → During rendering it takes the postion from the key frames not from your view port.

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Oh god… I was about to go nuts :joy: :sweat_smile:
Thanks a lot :joy:

I must have added key frames by accident…

You are not alone :slight_smile:

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