Blender Live Stream

As of last week, every Wednesday at 11am (MST / -7 GMT) I’m live streaming as I build a Blender model. So feel free to join me for an hour as I build a Mech in Blender from beginning to end. It will be a complete model - with all the texturing/UV Painting, then rigging…maybe even some animations!

You can catch up w/ the older videos on my Twitch page and I will highlight each week’s works so archived videos are easier to review.

Hope to see some of you there. Thanks.


That was one of the most interesting developments I have seen lately. Though, I would probably never be able to send a direct video feed anywhere with my internet I could see this as an interactive preview for sure. I’d probably keep it on my other monitor while working. Now just to get around to re-learning everything about Blender since so much has changed since I quit.