Blender locking up on specific frames

For no apparent reason, Blender locks up consistently while rendering specific frames in my animation. (I’m rendering with Yafray.) It doesn’t matter if they’re rendering as part of an animation, or if I’m rendering just that frame with the render button. The first time I ntoiced it locking up was on frame 1930. So, I just decided to skip it and render from 1931. Last night it rendered up to frame 7653 and stopped. The frames themselves are only slightly different from the frames prior and following. The camera is making simple moves around static objects. It’s just like the math doesn’t work out for some reason.

Any ideas what might cause this?

Does the same thing happen if you render the frames in blender internal?

It doesn’t seem as though this happens too frequently; perhaps if you
skipped one or two frames, I don’t think anyone would notice…

heh, first thing I thaught of was your trying to use a script that divides by 0 or has a negative number under a sqrt or something, but maybey thats just my math brain acting up… heh