Blender Logo

Rendered in Cycles, 1000 passes.

Traced out and tweaked the logo pattern in Inkscape, then exported to Blender as an SVG.

Dark version:

Light version:

the light one looks much nicer :slight_smile: good job!

Thanks! Ya, I kind of like the lighter one too. In fact, there was another fellow a while back that I shared the file with that tweaked the light one (he had GPU to render with at the time before I got one that cycles supported), and made a really beautiful version of it. He basically added some different soft colored point lights to the corners. I’ll have to see if I can dig up his version and attach it.

I think you have done something wrong at the dark one, cuz the light one looks very good

Here we go :slight_smile: This is the one that “xglasyiax” on Freenode rendered/edited. While I don’t know for sure, I believe it was 5000 passes since one of the logs shows him saying that he set it to that and went to lunch. Tbh, I like this one the most :slight_smile:

Is art ever right or wrong? :wink:

I do kinda agree though that the dark one could probably be lit a bit better at least though. Either way, thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

I think with some better lighting, the dark one could be great too. Just the blue center of the logo seems dead, you know?

hmm yeah, I know what you mean. I think the lighting could probably be better on the ground plane too. Perhaps maybe more of a “dark” ground, but an overall brighter looking scene. Maybe comp could do some of the work at some point too, as far as effects go.

Better? :slight_smile:

“New” Dark [5000 pass]:

That does look better, desktop-ish :slight_smile: Have you tried taking it into the compositor to add to it with glow or maybe mixing a bit of filter like sobel? I would use it sparingly though, like use a copy of itself mixed in.

I was considering doing some comp candy on it, but figured I would see how people received a vanilla render of it first. Agreed that it’s still lacking something for a desktop image though.

Added a tiny (.5 sobel with .3 mix) bit of sobel and some glare. Little better?


Tried a higher quality render with compositing

10000 Pass (hosted on pasteall due to size):

Looks good, are you thinking of any other changes? You might try a yellow or orange color for your emitter that is reflecting in the top of your object, see if it makes an impact on your image.

Thanks. I was debating tweaking it a bit maybe. The main area that annoys me is the disconnect in the reflecting in the middle areas of the mesh. If you look at the screen shot, you can see that it was just a pair of emitter planes, so they cause a gap. I guess I could just make it a smooth curve plane, or one big rectangle.

The other thing, which I am not entirely sure of, is the orange in the bottom left. It’s actually equal on both sides, but I had originally shifted everything to one side for camera positioning and just never noticed (hidding objects, yay!). That being said, a touch of color may be better if I tried, as you suggested, to add some other color in another spot to make it stand out a little less.

Time will tell I guess, but I don’t know if I will be spending 6 hours on a 2560x1600 10000pass render again any time soon :wink: